Roskilde Festival

Interactive Design · Educational work
Task: To consider a client in need of a dynamic graphical composition. This had to be achieved by using the programming language Processing.

I chose Roskilde Festival as my fictional client and focused on giving visual life to sound and music. This resulted in live visuals responding to an audio input, as well as the option to export stills for static use.

Alternative patterns

Alternative patterns created from the same source code but with tweaked variables.

Processing code live in action

Demonstration of the code reacting to its surroundings. Intended to be used for backdrops or projections at concerts. Bear with my limited whistling skills, and instead imagine a musician in interaction with the visual output of the code.

Facts for the geeks

• Each line is created combining the functions point() and noise()
• A loop is made to duplicate lines along the Y axis
• The library Minim is used to convert the sound input into a numeric variable
• The numeric variable controls the tempo of the lines’ movement aswell as the strokeWeight() of the line